My Favorite Design Trends for 2018

My design juices have really been flowing lately. I’m in the process of preparing to design a master bathroom remodel at the end of April (see my inspiration for the space HERE), so I’m spending a lot of time on Pinterest trying to gather ideas and firm up my plan.

All of the time I’ve spent looking for inspiration as had me thinking about the trends I am loving and excited to implement in some projects coming up this year.

Design Trends for 2018

Statement Floors

What I love about this trend is that it can vary a lot. Anything from a fun pattern tile to a simple floor material placed in a unique pattern can make a huge statement in a room. Joanna Gaines has been using wood floors with tile patterns placed in for a lot of her remodels on this season of Fixer Upper. Check out the entry way in this house to get a look at it.

I also love that this trend is popping up in a bunch of different rooms. Right now, I’m loving it in smaller spaces like bathrooms, laundry rooms, and mudrooms.


Built in Range/Hoods

Lately, I’ve been seeing a ton of ranges and hoods built into a little cove of sorts around the stove. I am seriously obsessed with it! I love how it not only gives you extra storage around the stove, but also really makes the stove and range a focal point of the kitchen.


Gray Trim & White Walls

Another one Joanna Gaines has been doing a lot of in this season of Fixer Upper. A few episodes back she did an entire house like this. I honestly prefer it in smaller doses. I love how it looks in the bathroom below – especially with the additional detail of the wainscoting. I could also see it being a real show stopper in a formal dining room.


Non-Traditional Doors

Oh, antique doors, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Lately I cannot get enough of non-traditional interior doors. They are such a fun way to add a little character and personality into a room, especially when your looking to up your builder grade home to something a little more unique. Finding a fun door, refinishing, and installing it is an easy weekend DIY project and can have a huge impact in a space.


Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinets

Two-toned cabinets truly make my heart pitter-patter. I’ve been seeing more and more of the one color for upper cabinets and another color for lower cabinets trend. This honestly isn’t my favorite. I’ve seen instances where it’s been done well, but I think it’s a tad tricky to master. What I really love and prefer is all cabinets upper and lower one color, and the island a different color. I love love love while cabinets, with a natural wood island, but I’ve also seen some light gray cabinets with a dark blue island that are absolutely stunning.


Statement Backsplashes

I am late to the party on this one. I resisted this trend for quite a while, but I have finally come around and think if it’s done right it can really be an awesome detail in a home. It’s important to mention the definition of “statement” can vary a lot, and the amount of it you use can also vary a lot. I’ve seen some backsplashes go around the entire kitchen, or even up to the ceiling. I’ve also seen some statement backsplashes just behind the stove (like the third picture).

Also a basic tile can be made into a statement by using an unexpected grout color, or laying it in an unique pattern. I love the pop of color the blue tile gives in the second picture. Say you wanted more pizzaz then that; lay your tiles in a fun herringbone pattern. Wah-lah – more pizzaz!


Open Shelving

The entire world is loving open shelving in kitchens right now. I am taking it a step further and I am loving it literally everywhere. This summer at my parents cabin, I was an open shelving manic! I put them literally everywhere – in the bedrooms, in the bathroom, in the playroom, all over. My favorite part about open shelving is that it’s functional and it’s beautiful. It’s not only a place to store things, it’s decor as well. I am all about two-birds with one stone!


There you have it. My favorite design trends for 2018. I can’t wait to see some of them in action this spring when I start some remodel projects!


Tell me your current favorite design trend!


All the heart eyes for those statement floors!

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