DIY Welcome Mat

You guys might not know this, but I actually really like being crafty & DIY-y (<–technical term). I have refinished loads of furniture, made my own wood signs, shelves, and wall art. The thing is I always get so caught up in the creative process, I always forget to document any of.

I usually get all my supplies set out, take one picture, and then BAM, by the time I think to take another picture it’s all completely done. I’ve made it a mission of mine to be better about documenting my DIY projects so I can share them with ya’ll.

During the off season, my husband and I spend a lot of time at my family’s cabin. It’s out in the country and on a farm so I always have tons of space, scrap wood, and other supplies to get crafty with. During the season my situation is the complete opposite. We live in an apartment and I have zero supplies, so I’m limited with how adventurous I can get in the crafting department.

This is a super simple, super cheap DIY project that literally anyone can do.


  • plain welcome mat (I got mine at Target)
  • letter stencils
  • spray paint (I used outdoor quality black)
  • drop cloth

DIY welcome matI originally planned to just tape the stencil lettering to the mat. Well it turns out the dinky scotch tape I had didn’t stick to the mat whatsoever (go figure). So I had to improvise.

If you have anything heavier that you wouldn’t mind getting spray paint on I’d recommend using that to weigh down the stenciled letters. Landscaping rocks would have been perfect in this situation. I didn’t have any because: apartment living. So this was a bit tricky for me.

I did the spray painting in two batches because I didn’t have enough O’s to do it all at once.

DIY Welcome Mat

DIY Welcome Mat

DIY Welcome MatThe right side looked a little bare to me so I made my own little stencil of a paw print and added it to the top right. I love the little bit of balance it gives it.

If you wanted to add more paw prints, or even center the text you definitely could. I liked the left justified look and was a little worried more paw prints would make it too busy given the size of my text.

DIY Welcome MatThere it is! The finished product, and my little Lyla Bear helping me show it off. The entire thing was super easy and cheap!

I mean, tell me you wouldn’t want to immediately run into a house with a welcome mat like this?! I know I would!

DIY Welcome Mat

DIY Welcome MatYou could, of course, make your mat with any saying your heart desires. I saw this same saying online, but instead of dogs it said cats. Some other catchy welcome mat sayings I found online:

Nice Underwear

I hope you brought wine

You better have tacos/You better have pizza

The neighbors have better stuff

There’s, like, a bunch of dogs in here

Life is to short to have a boring welcome mat! Luckily this DIY Welcome mat is super easy, cheap, and unique!

now tell me…

What would you put on your welcome mat?


This is SO cute! I need to make this exact one!

haha. I get so many compliments on it too!

That’s such a cute welcome mat, and I love how you added the pawprints too! I’d definitely want to walk into your house and play with all the pups!

the pawprints are my fave too! 🙂

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