001: Casey Gillaspie | Good, Bad, & Lesser Known Realities of Being a Professional Athlete

I am so excited to roll out episode #1 of the Brave Enough podcast! I have a lot of fun guests lined up for the coming weeks and I am so excited to share all these wonderful people with you all.

My first guest is none other than Chicago White Sox first baseman, (and my husband!) Casey Gillaspie!

Case and I spend this episode talking about his career as a professional athlete, and the ups and downs that go along with this crazy baseball world we live in. 

In this Episode:

  • Case tells us about his upbringing and family
  • Gives us details about being home-schooled until High School
  • When he realized playing professional baseball could be a reality for him
  • What it was like being a 1st round draft pick in 2014
  • What his schedule is really like in Minor League Baseball
  • We discuss our decision to bring our dogs with us during the season
  • Case tells us about some of the sacrifices and stresses of being a professional athlete
  •  I pull the curtain back on how we cope with moving 3 times per year
  • Case tells us how he deals with the large percentage of failure involved in baseball
  • How he deals with outside distractions from social media and unruly fans
  • His recent visit to the Levine Children’s Hospital
  • What he likes to do when he’s not playing baseball
  • What he would be doing if he wasn’t a professional athlete
  • The one thing he wish people knew about baseball players
  • Case and I talk about how and when we first met and reminisce on all of the ways baseball has changed our lives

Mentioned in this Episode:

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Charlotte Knights

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Levine Children’s Hospital

Eau Claire Express

Case on Instagram: @bigcasedawg

Case on Twitter: @bigcasedawg16

Me on Instagram: @carrie.gillaspie

Me on Twitter: @CarrieGillaspieCandidly Speaking Podcast

Contributing to future shows

If you have a question for Casey that we didn’t cover in this show OR if you have a question for Carrie you’d like to hear answered on a future show, connect with me via social media or slide in my DMs!

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