002: MaryAnn Lippert | The Rollercoaster of Life & Finding a “North Star” to Guide You

Episode #2 of the Brave Enough podcast is hot off the press!

On last week’s show we chatted with someone who was still pretty new into their career. This week I wanted to bring you someone who is close to retirement and is now able to see how all of the dots connected in retrospect.

My guest is a strong, talented, and driven woman who I just so happen to call mom. MaryAnn and I spend this episode talking about the ups and downs of following her passions and how her career unfolded over the years and eventually got her to her dream job today. Annnnnnd how she did it all while raising 3 kids and being a loving wife to her husband of 38 years.

Told you she was badass. 

In This Episode:

  • MaryAnn talks about what her career choices were upon graduating high school in a small, rural community.
  • Tells us when and why she decided teaching might not actually be for her
  • Reminisces on meeting her husband, Jerry, in kindergarten.
  • We both weigh in on life pushing you to places you wouldn’t naturally push yourself to.
  • MaryAnn tells us about some of the jobs she had early on in their marriage, including how and when she was introduced to working on public health policy.
  • Why they decided to move back to their hometown after moving 5 times in 11 years across the midwest.
  • Carrie gives MaryAnn some flack for forgetting her birthday.
  • MaryAnn talks about settling back into life in rural Central Wisconsin, while starting a new job, building a home, and having their 3rd child.
  • Lets us in on why she decided to run for the Wisconsin State Legislature.
  • Carrie reminisces on her memories of growing up around politics and making the capitol her own personal playground.
  • We both open up about the not so glamorous parts of being an elected official, and how it affected me as a young girl.
  • MaryAnn talks about getting back into working in the private sector after leaving the State Legislature.
  • Tells us about how she eventually got back into state government, and her time working in the Governor’s Cabinet.
  • Explains how every past job and experience set her up for her current (and dream) job as the Director of the Governor’s Northern Region Office.
  • MaryAnn shares her advice for young professionals today
  • We end the episode with MaryAnn sharing with Carrie her best advice for a long healthy marriage.

Mentioned in this Episode:

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University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse

Rochester, Minnesota YMCA

St. Mary’s Hospital – Rochester, Minnesota

Illinois State University

Marshfield Clinic Family Health Center

Wisconsin Area Health Education Centers (AHEC)

Wisconsin State Legislature

Wisconsin Department of Children and Families

Wisconsin Department of Administration – Northern Office

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