005: Carrie Gillaspie | Losing Who You Were To Become Who You’re Meant to Be

I’m excited to bring you episode 5 of the Brave Enough Podcast today!

In this episode the tables get turned on ME as my husband Casey takes the chair as the interviewer and I become the interviewee!

In This Episode:

  • I talk about growing up in a small town in rural Central Wisconsin
  • Share what it was like growing up a tom boy, and my love for all things athletics
  • My career ending injury and the heartbreak that went with it
  • I talk about my relationship with my parents and how it shifted after my injury
  • Leaving the small town behind for college in the big city
  • The circumstances that led me to take my first trip to Asia
  • I talk about the struggles of returning to college after my travels
  • Deciding to get a puppy as a very unprepared 19 year old
  • My second trip to Asia and my decision to leave school after it
  • Leaving school and going back to Asia for the third time.
  • How I unexpectedly ended up working for the same baseball team Casey played for
  • Realizing I wanted to pursue a career in broadcast and returning to college to finish my degree
  • My amazing internships with the Pawtucket Red Sox and WISN 12
  • Case and I reminisce on how our shared struggles brought us closer
  • My thoughts on the unimportance of a dating anniversary after you’re married
  • We reminisce on our first couple of years as a couple navigating minor league baseball
  • Case asks me about where my creative side came from, and what my career aspirations look like now
  • We talk about how baseball life has forced us to chill TF out
  • Case asks me about my hobbies and my general life advice

Mentioned in this Episode:

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University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Marshfield Clinic

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Pawtucket Red Sox




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Casey on Instagram: @bigcasedawgCandidly Speaking Podcast


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