Gift Guide for the Person Who Loves Dogs More Than People

We all know that one person.

Maybe it’s your sister, maybe it’s your college friend, maybe it’s you.

That one person who genuinely really just prefers animals (specifically dogs) to people. These people can be hard to shop for. Starbucks gift card? They can’t take their dog there! Nordstrom gift card? They don’t have doggie sweaters there! Lucky for you I spend all my time looking for dog gifts for myself instead of actually shopping for people I need to buy presents for made this super awesome list of gifts for the person who loves dogs more than people.

For the Person who Likes Dogs More Than People

The Dogist Calendar 

If you’re not familiar with The Dogist I’m about to rock your world. The Dogist is basically a dog version of Humans of New York (which is also a really cool thing). Basically someone goes around New York City, and other places from time to time, and takes pictures of dogs he sees. He posts the dogs name, age, and then usually one sentence about the dog from the owner. Seriously, find them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. It will be your new favorite account.

Buy it: HERE

“My Best Friend Has 4 Paws” mug

You guys, Target does it again, shows me things I 100% need when I don’t even know it. I walked past this mug in the store and literally stopped in my tracks and did not even hesitate to put it into my basket.

Buy it: HERE

BarkBox subscription

BarkBox is like Stitch Fix for dogs, only you don’t have to send any of it back! You sign up for a membership, select the size of your dog, and each month a box full of treats, toys, and gifts for your dog will show up at your doorstep! My favorite part about BarkBox is that each month’s box is different and unique. Plans are available for one month, 6 months, or even a full year and your able to cancel at anytime.

Buy it: HERE

“I Just Want to Hang With my Dog” t-shirt

Taylor from the The Daily Tay might be one of the funniest bloggers in the biz. More so than that, she’s just as dog obsessed as I am, and she has an adorable Vizela named Harlow. A few years back Taylor started designing these hilariously true shirts. Taylor gives 20% of the cost from each shirt to local shelters in the Chicago area. Sadly, there are some people who have started to rip off her design, literally word for word. Brutal, I know. Pass the imitators right on by because Taylor is the only one who gives 20% of the proceeds away to help shelter animals.

i just want to hang with my dog t-shirt

Buy it: HERE

Wooden Dog Engraved Rolling Pin

I’ll be the first to admit, I am not a huge baker/cooker/anything having to do with making food. But something like this could 100% change my mind! How adorable is this dog engraved rolling pin?! Things you can now make: dog pie crust, dog cookies, the possibilities are endless!


Buy it: HERE

Rescued Wine Holiday Candle

I’m really giving you two for the money with this one because this also involves wine. This company repurposes used wine bottles and uses them to create all-natural, hand poured, soy candles. The best part is that a portion of the sales goes to dog rescue groups. I’m telling you, this is a really cool brand. Read more about them: here.

big_and_small_wood_copy_small_2Buy it: HERE

Magnetic Dog Glass Markers

Now these are my kind of glass markers. Never lose your beverage in a crowded room again! Each one of these markers is a different breed of dog. They’re magnetic and stick to all kind of glasses. Say bye to boring glass markers and say hello to cute dogs.

Buy it: HERE

Dog Water Color Art

I’m featuring the pictures of a Shar Pei because I’m a crazy Shar Pei mom, but you can customize this art to whatever breed your heart desires. Not all about the crazy colors? No Problem! You can also choose the colors you’d like used in your artwork and can even stick with black and grays.

Shar pei Water color Art

Buy it: HERE

 Pawprint Ornament Maker 

My future mother-in-law got me one of these last year and I thought it was the cutest thing ever. It’s a small little kit that gives you everything you need to make a imprint of your dog’s paw print and then make it into a Christmas tree ornament.

Buy it: HERE

“There’s Like a Bunch of Dogs in Here” welcome mat

Seriously, this is my kind of house. If I walked up to a house with a welcome mat like this I would probably burst through the front door with my arms wide open.


Buy it: HERE

Find out how to make your own: HERE

Dog Bookends

If you’re a Dachshund lover you have to check out the dachshund bookends because they are hilarious! I’m a yoga kind of girl so I love this downward facing dog bookend.

Buy it: HERE

“You Had Me at Woof” Picture Frame

My parents bought me this frame a few years ago and of course my heart melted. I have picture of baby Gatsby from the first time we met him in mine! 

Buy it: HERE

Dog Salt & Pepper Shaker

I have a secret obsession with French Bulldogs (and corgis) so when I saw this at Target I squealed out loud. This is essential if you’ve got a Frenchie lover in your life! 

Buy it: HERE


Which one of these gifts would the dog obsessed person in your life love?

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I need the ornament making kit! It’s temporarily out of stock but I added it to my list.

it’s the cutest! Gatsby was a little confused about what i was trying to do with his paw, but he survived. haha.

I love the dog rolling pin! I’d buy that for myself just generally. Think of how cute a pie with dogs on would look! We usually buy a joke calendar for my sister in law (goats in trees, cats in hats etc) and the Dogist looks like a very sophisticated option! What a great list 🙂

lol! Goats in trees!? I’ve never heard of such a calendar! I need that in my life!!

I love all of your picks, especially the shirt from Taylor! I bought a few friends that shirt last year for Christmas because it was too cute to pass up! We had friends give us the make your own ornament kit a few years ago and we still haven’t done it yet! I need to make sure that we do it this year!

I love taylor’s shirt! seriously my feelings exactly. haha. i was so sad to see how many people have been ripping off her design. that’s got to be so frustrating for her. AND no one else gives back to the shelters like she does. jerks!

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