How to Lighten Up Your Home for Spring

When it comes to Fall and Winter I am all about the coziness. Buffalo check blankets and pillows, pine scented candles and heavy wood textures are my go-to for upping the hygge factor during the cold winter months.

That being said, come March I am so. freaking. excited. to trade in my home’s coziness for some spring vibes. Today I’m sharing some ways I transition my home from cozy and warm to light and bright. how to get your home ready for spring

Lightening Your Home Up for Spring

Greenery & Spring Flowers

At any time of the year I’ve got greenery (faux and real) all over my house, but the kind of greenery I have out differs with the seasons. Nothing screams spring more then some light and bright greenery, or better yet, some spring flowers like tulips or – my favorite – peonies. My parents actually have peonies in their front yard at home, so I tend to snag a few of them for the house when their in bloom. Otherwise I completely recommend investing in some high quality faux flowers. Their low-maintence and will always look great.

Switch up your bed sheets

Hands down the biggest way to get the spring vibes going in your bedroom is to change the sheets and comforter. In the winter I have a beautiful navy comforter. Come springtime, I trade in my navy for something with a lighter fabric and color. I have to admit, I love anything white, so I usually opt for a white comforter with some fun throw pillows with a little bit of soft texture and color.

Switch out heavy patterns and texture for light and bright

The winter and fall are all about lots of texture and patterns for me. I love dark stained wooden trays and chunky woven baskets. Come springtime I love switching out those heavy textures and patterns with lighter ones. Simple changes like swapping my wooden trays for a faux marble tray, and trading in my pumpkin spice candles for some fresh linen scented ones.

Swap out throw pillows

If you’re like me and favor neutrals over color, I recommend branching out some with your throw pillows. I’m not saving you have to buy bright pink or green pillows, but finding something with some light texture or pattern and maybe some pastel colors is a fun way to get your neutral loving self to welcome Spring into your home.

Swap out heavy winter blankets for lighter ones

I’m a blanket girl alllll year round, but I trade in my heavy faux fur blankets for a lighter linen blanket when the temps start to warm up. Linen in general is such a spring and summer material, so just the look and feel of it always brings light and bright into any space.

how to brighten up your home for spring

How do you brighten up your home for spring?

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