How to Make the Most of Limited Family Time

Casey and I live a very atypical lifestyle. For eights months out of the year our lives revolve completely around baseball. It’s an exciting and crazy way to live, but it definitely has its pros and cons.

Once the off-season hits the clock is on and we’re doing everything we can to make the most of our few months of baseball free life. This means we’re trying to visit all of our family and closest friends.

I typically come back to Wisconsin for a few weeks in the summer to spend time with my family, but Casey really has zero availability to do anything that isn’t baseball related once February hits.

Both my parents and Casey’s parents still work full time, so they have full schedules and busy lives. Not to mention Casey and I are both one of three children so our parents have two other children to visit and spend time with as well. Both our families try to visit us during the baseball season, but sometimes their lives and schedules just don’t allow it.

We’re both close with our families and love spending time with them, but with the lifestyle we have at this point in our lives our family time is pretty limited. We’ve gotten really good at making the most of our limited family time. 

How to Make the Most of Limited Family Time

Decide what holidays/events are most important

In a perfect world we could spend each holiday with both our families, but that usually doesn’t happen. Towards the end of the summer Case and I sit down and talk about which holidays are a priority for our side of the family that year. From there we decide how we’re going to go about splitting holiday time, and making time to visit family, even when it’s not a holiday.

Spend time with family together as a unit and also separately

I am a huge advocate for this one. Spending time with your family with your spouse, AND spending time with your family separately from your spouse.

Casey is super close with his older brother. Every off-season he spends a few weeks at his brother’s place in Kansas. They hunt and do man things, and just spend time together hanging out. It’s so good for him to have that alone time with his brother. The same things goes for me. Casey and I love spending time with my family while we’re in Wisconsin, but it’s still always important (in my opinion) that I have manicure dates with my mom, or surprise my dad at work for a little father/daughter time.

Factor in distance/time/budget

Casey and I are from two different states. Him from Nebraska, me from Wisconsin. That means our families are an 8 hour drive from one another. Which also means things like distance, time, and budget always need to be taken into account. How long of a drive is it? Do we have enough time to spend there to make the drive worth our while? If we can’t drive, is buying a plane ticket in the budget? These factors make things tricker, but it has also made us more intentional with planning out our family time.

Be present

When we’re visiting Casey’s family for the weekend or doing something fun with my family I try as much as possible to leave my computer and all other distractions out of the way. Sometimes that means not posting as much on social media or on the blog, but in all honesty, it is always worth it to be completely present. I tend to feel bad when I neglect my blog for a few days, but when I remind myself that my time visiting the people I love is so limited it always puts it all into perspective.

Plan some fun things to do

When you don’t get to see someone often it can be so fun to make the time you do have with them extra special. Visit a new boutique in town, or schedule a hot stone massage! Even something as simple as trying out a new restaurant or visiting the new brewery can be a really fun thing to do with family. You might even find your next favorite spot, or even start a new tradition.

Take time to relax

A few years ago when my sister came back form Africa we — for some weird reason — decided we should watch every single movie in the Lord of the Rings series. Of course including the three of The Hobbit movies (which all purists will know is also technically a part of the LOTR series). We watched them all in a the span of like 2 days, never left our pajamas and ate nothing but popcorn and ice cream the entire time. It was ridiculous and it was so much fun.

Some of my favorite memories of time spent with my family is when we had zero plans and were just content spending time with one another anyway way possible.

How do you make the most of your limited time with family? I would love to hear your tips!

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