Master Bathroom Inspiration

Ya’ll, I’m excited!

My parents will be beginning a remodel on their home in a few short months, and they’ve asked me to be their designer for the project. Woot woot! The creative juices have been flowing in my mind and I cannot wait to help them make their home beautiful. Of course it’s an extra plus that I’ll get enjoy it too when I come to visit!

A little background on my parents situation. They built their home back in ’91 shortly after I was born and have lived there ever since. There are parts of their home I really love, and other parts that annoy the heck out of me and don’t function as well as they could. Regardless, I’m lucky to be one of those people who can still come home to the house they grew up in.

The overall goal of the entire house remodel is to give things a face lift, while also improving function. The renovation will be taking place over a period of a few years most likely, starting with the second floor and moving down to the main level. First up is the master bathroom, and the “kids bathroom” as we called it growing up.

Right now I’m focusing most of my attention on nailing down the master bath design because I really want to give my parents that dream bathroom they’re hoping for. Once I’ve got a handle on the master. I’ll be back to share my ideas about the kids bathroom.

Side note: does anyone else always refer to some rooms or places as something even though times have completely changed?! Exhibit A: the kids bathroom. Even though me and my siblings are all grown adults, it still remains the kids bathroom….I digress.

This my current vision board for the master bathroom.
Here are some other bathrooms I’ve been crushing on and using as inspiration

via Irwin Builds

via Change and Co.

via Magnolia Homes

via Greige Design

via Magnolia Homes

I’m so excited to document this renovation with ya’ll!


I LOVE that vanity! Where did you find it!?

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