If you’ve been around here for a while you probably have trouble keeping up with where I’m living. In the past year I have lived in Wisconsin, Florida, Arizona, Wisconsin, Florida, and now Alabama.

This leads me to someone I’ve been meaning to tell you all about: My fiancé, Casey.

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this is Casey, how I know him:


This is Casey, how everyone else knows him:


Casey_Gillaspie_2_ywkpvbn9_pqh7ge3mCasey is a professional baseball player in the Tampa Bay Rays organization. If we’re Instagram friends you might have noticed some of my pictures hinted towards this but I’ve never come out and said it here on the blog.

Casey was the Tampa Bay Rays first round draft pick in 2014 (20th overall pick). He is still in the minor leagues, which means he switches teams a lot, and that means we move around a lot. Currently he’s playing with the Rays AA-affliate, the Montgomery Biscuits.

Casey is the most normal, humble, caring person I have ever met. While he’s a great baseball player, I don’t typically think of “baseball player” as a way to describe him. Baseball is his job, not who he is or what even begins to describe him as a person.

sometimes people want to ask him things

AR-140619908sometimes he’s on my tv

IMG_6136and sometimes people want his autograph

Bowling Green Hot Rods first baseman Casey Gillaspie (16)I’ve always been told that you should write what you know. I know a lot about the professional sports world. From the stand point of having a career in sports and from having a significant other who is a Pro-Athlete.

I guess I’m telling you all this because:

1) I want to be honest with you

2) I think there’s a lot of misconceptions about professional athletes

I want to be able to shed some light on the pro-sports world for those who are confused, mislead or just don’t know what to think about it.IMG_2905



What do you think about professional athletes and their significant others?

I’m more than willing to answer any questions you have! Write them in the comments or shoot me an e-mail!


That’s so intresting …I bet a lot of sacrifices must be made once ur married to a pro athlete ..because I used to think once when your living the lifestyle of a pro athlete everything is like heaven (money comes in fast and you’re basically set for life ). Be honest , does Casey ever have “bad days ” where a game didn’t go as he planned or he just wasn’t feeling it ?im asking this because as average people we deal with stress in our lives times to times .. nobody can be happy everyday ..we embrace adversity .

ummm i don’t know anything about baseball or professional athletes, but y’all are super cute together. how’d you all meet? would love to hear more about however much you want to share, i don’t know anything about it but i’m always nosy and want to learn things.

We met through my job actually! I was the stadium MC for the team he played on. BUT we were just friends then, we didn’t become a couple until 2 years after that. we had both long since left that team by then.

Man y’all have lived in a lot of different places! It must be hard to move around so much, but I bet that you get to see so much! And that’s so crazy that he was the 20th overall pick in the draft!

i always tease him that he’s lucky i like to travel so much, haha! It is kind of crazy to think about him being drafted. I still often am in shock when people want his autograph or a picture with him. when i met him he was just a shy 19 year old kid so it’s crazy to see where he is now.

That’s super interesting! I never would’ve known! My question is just how you met! Did you know him before all the baseball stuff or was it somehow connected to your job?

wellllll, haha. we did meet through my job. I was an intern on the team he played for, but we didn’t become a couple until 2 years after the season was over and i’d left the job.

150% happy! thanks, Chelsea! 🙂

That’s great! I don’t have much personal exposure to the pro sports world, but am always interested in it! Would love to hear more of your take on it.

thanks, sarah! I’m looking forward to writing more about it.

Thanks for sharing!

From the outside, I always think people in these relationships have to roll with it more since there is a lot of moving around and not a ton of notice. The lots of moving part would be hard for me for sure. Do you feel like a pro at it now?

I would say I’ve gotten used to it some, but it’s never easy to pick up and move to a new place where you don’t know anyone. honestly, for me, one of the best things has been working on my writing career. When I go back home to Wisconsin I do my TV hosting and radio work, and when I’m traveling with Casey I’m still working constantly on my blog or on freelance work. I will always be the type of person who needs my own purpose, and writing gives me that no matter where I am. 🙂

Awwww the cutest!!! I actually think it would be super interesting to hear about life as a significant other of a pro athlete. One day I’ll meet him… when we finally get a chance to actually plan more adventures!!!

I need to come back out to the east coast!! Summer always makes me miss RI and Boston and #boatlife. I’m going to shoot you a text soon and we can catch up. I know you mentioned something about moving to a certain *favorite* city of yours and mine :):):)

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