The Mothers: Everything You Want & Need in a Book

I am so happy to say that so far 2017 has been a great book year. 2015 was an incredible book year, but 2016 was a little touch and go. I didn’t have the zest to read, and when I was reading, I wasn’t reading books that really did anything for me. Reading is such a release for me so I was determined to make 2017 a better reading year. So far, so good.

One of the things that has really helped me get off to a good start reading wise this year is being more selective about the books I read. I know what I tend to like book wise so why force myself to read something if there is a really high chance it won’t be my style? I’m not saying branching out and experimenting with different things isn’t a good thing to do every now and then, but if you know what you like, go with it!

Another thing that has really helped me has been taking recommendations from people who have the same reading style as me. I almost always agree with Di’s reading recommendations. So I know when she loves a book, there’s a good chance I’ll enjoy it. Another person who I have a really similar reading style to is Sarah from Sarah’s Book Shelves. Sarah spoke so highly of The Mothers all last year so I knew I needed to give it a shot.

This book was impressive to me for a few different reasons. First let me give you some background. The Mothers was one of the most hyped books of 2016 AND it was the debut novel of author Brit Bennet (who mind you, is only 25 years old).

Back in 2015, I read an incredible book called Did You Ever Have a Family. The Mothers was the first book to really remind me of Did You Ever Have a Family. While the storyline of these two books is completely different, they each gave me similar emotions as I read them. These are a few of the key elements that made The Mothers a hit for me.

Beautifully Written

There were several times in this book when I re-read certain paragraphs or sentences simply because they were so beautifully written. Bennett writes almost lyrically at times. Not in a rhyme-y type of way, but just in a way that the sentence flows so incredibly well together.

3 Very Different but Likable Characters

Nadia, Luke, and Aubrey are the story’s 3 main characters. All of them have flaws and make mistakes, but I really felt for all of them. Normally there is one person I’m cheering for above all the rest, but I really was hoping things turned out for each of them.

Awesome Character Development

The more avid of a reader I become the more I realize good character development can really take a book from good to great. All 3 of the main characters are, of course, intertwined, but they all have their own unique story, personality, and perspective. I felt like I knew all of the characters equally and one didn’t overpower the other. Even some of the minor characters like Nadia’s Dad and Luke’s parents I was invested in.

Many Topics but No Single Overpowering Topic 

This book dives into a lot of really serious topics — race, religion, death, family, community — this can make for a very heavy book, but no one topic overpowers any of the others. This is something that can be extremely hard to do, but Bennett does it wonderfully.

Being able to pin down what I want and look for in a book has been a huge part of me catching my reading groove early this year. The Mothers had everything I want and need in a book.

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Are there certain elements that always make a book a big hit for you? How do you decide what books to read and what books probably won’t be your style?

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I thought this was a phenomenal read.

it really was! it definitely put me in a little bit of a book slump after i finished it.

One of the things that bothers me in books is when I can’t identify or relate to the main characters, so the fact that you liked them all is huge! The Mothers is on my list, and I hope that I can pick it up sooner rather than later!

it’s so good! I loved it! If you haven’t read Did You Ever Have a Family I recommend that one as well!

Awh – thank you for the shout-out!! And I’m so so thrilled you loved The Mothers! It really did have a similar feel to Did You Ever Have A Family even though the topics were completely different.

And I also loved how The Mothers was about lots of things, but not overwhelmingly about any one thing….kind of how life’s messiness really is, right?

Also like this style of book review and your graphic!

why thank you! I’ve been doing my graphics different lately and I’m liking how they’re turning out as well.

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