Organizing a Linen Closet

In the past couple of weeks I’ve learned that I really enjoy organizing. For some reason I find it extremely satisfying.

Weird, I know.

I’ve actually been organizing so much I’m running out of my own stuff to organize! I literally went to my mom and begged her to let me organize her linen closet. Seriously, who am I even?! Before we start I have a serious question: is there anything out there more satisfying than a good before and after picture?

I really don’t think so.


At first glance I thought it didn’t look that bad. However, this closet, for being insanely narrow and small, was packed with a lot of stuff. You know that place in your house where you put all the stuff you don’t really know what to do with? Yeah, that place in my parents house is this linen closet. It was just full of so much random stuff. 



Empty it alllll out

The first thing I did was take absolutely everything out. Like I said before, for such a small and narrow space there was a ton of stuff piled into this little closet. When I finally got everything out of the closet the entire hallway was packed with stuff.


I sorted things into three different categories:

  1. things that need to be thrown away
  2. things that will go back into the closet
  3. things that will be kept but will go somewhere else

Organization supplies

This closet is such an weird narrow shape so I was a little puzzled about what size baskets I’d need. I, of course, ended up panicking and buying like 5 different shapes and sizes of baskets. I only used two different kinds, and then returned the rest. Baskets can be low-key kind of expensive. My advice is to save the cute, expensive baskets for storage that is out in the open. For closet storage that won’t be seen, use the cheaper more basic baskets.

My favorite baskets


The things that are used the most I put in the middle of the of the closet. The things that are used least I put towards the top and bottom. About half of what was originally in the closet I kept, but put in another more appropriate storage space. About a quarter of it I threw away or donated, and about a quarter of it went back into the closet.


Is there a typical chore task that you actually enjoy doing?

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