5 Ways I’m Organizing the Technology in My Life

 The new year always makes me take extra time to reflect. One of the things I’ve really been focusing on lately is trying to be more organized. My new found love for my bullet journal has definitely helped, but I was still feeling really unorganized in my technological life. After spending some time thinking about the technology I use most and the areas that seem to be unorganized, I made a plan of action and started executing. So far the results have been amazing and I am so glad I did it.

The 5 areas I focused on were: my inbox, computer, SD cards, phone, and social media.

Cleaning my inbox

If you’re anything like me then you let your inbox slowly become a heaping mess over the course of the year. The other day I took my e-mail from 1,500 e-mails to just under 120. It was a long process to go through all of those e-mails, but it was so rewarding to look at my spick and span inbox after I was done.

Besides just going through and deleting old e-mails, I went through and unsubscribed from every e-mail list I no longer wanted to be a part. This alone felt so amazing, and right away I noticed a drop in the amount of e-mails I was receiving daily.

Cleaning out computer files/pictures/music

The second most neglected area of my technological life is my computer files, especially my photos. One blog photo shoot can easily be 200-300 pictures. Not to mention if I go on a trip! Then my picture counts get into the 700-900 range. I typically put all of my photos from my SD card straight on to my computer to edit and go through. By the time I’m done editing I’m usually exhausted don’t want to go through and delete the photos I know aren’t useable.

The best thing I did for organizing my computer was invest in an external hard drive. They are pricey but completely worth it especially if you have a lot of files, pictures, or music. Yesterday I deleted over 2,500 pictures. Then I exported all of the ones I wanted to keep or could use in the future to my external hard drive. This is also a good way to back up your files, just incase (God forbid) anything would happen to your computer.

Clearing SD cards

In a perfect world I would upload my pictures to my computer and delete them right off my SD card. That literally never happens. My SD cards are all constantly full. I have an irrational fear that I’ll move my photos to my computer, then immediately delete them from my SD card and my computer will say, “jk, we didn’t get any of your photos. jokes on you, Carrie!”, and all my photos will be lost forever. This has never happened. Like I said, irrational fear. Once I’ve moved my photos to my computer gone through them and then moved them to my external hard drive there’s no reason I should need to keep them on the SD card.

Going through social media

A little unfollow/unfriending streak is good for the soul. I did a social media clean out this summer and felt so liberated by it.

Cleaning out phone contacts/photos/apps 

A few months ago I went from a 16GB phone to a 265GB phone. I went from literally having zero space ever on my phone to having gobs of space. It has been a nice change, but it’s also made me pretty lazy with deleting photos, app, and contacts I no longer need. Getting a bigger house doesn’t necessarily mean you need to fill it with more stuff. The same thing goes for your phone. I went through and deleted a bunch of old contacts I no longer needed and got rid of all of the apps that I wasn’t using. I’m already loving how clean my home screen looks.

Do you have a routine for cleaning out and organizing the technology in your life? If you have any tips send them my way!

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