Best Places to Snap a Pic in Minneapolis, MN

You know that place you’ve lived relatively close to your entire life but never explored? For me that place is Minneapolis. Being born and raised in Central Wisconsin means that I’ve always been a pretty equal distance between Chicago and Minneapolis. I’ve been to Chicago literally 100 times in my life, but I’ve probably only been to Minneapolis 3 or 4 times.

Earlier this fall I finally went out of my way to spend some time exploring Minneapolis. I spent the day walking, eating, and photographing the city with my good friend, Mackenzie. We both had a great time and agreed that we needed to come back for more and maybe even check out neighboring St. Paul. We both snapped tons of pictures and came to the conclusion that Minneapolis is pretty photogenic. These are the places in Minneapolis that are sure to be Instagram worthy.

University of Minnesota 

The University of Minnesota is the state’s oldest and largest campus, and sits just east of the Mississippi River. I visited when the fall foliage was in peak bloom and the entire campus looked stunning, especially this wooden pedestrian bridge. The campus has a very cozy and quaint feeling which is strange because it is such a big school. Of course, being nestled in between the Minneapolis skyline and the Mississippi River makes it easy on the eyes no matter what the season.

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Schmitt Music Building

This big beautiful mural can be found on the side of a 5 story brick building in downtown Minneapolis near 10th and Marquette. The building is the former home of Schmitt Music. In the 70’s a local columnist wrote about “how ugly” the building was; saying they “needed to make that wall sing”. The Schmitt company took the suggestion to heart and did just that, painting the entire building in music notes. Schmitt Music has since relocated, but the mural remains and the new owners have no intention of ever removing it.

Schmitt Music Mural, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Spyhouse Coffee

All four of Spyhouse‘s locations are trendy coffee house heaven, but the Northeast store on Broadway is where you’ll find this dreamy CITY sign. This cafe and roasting facility is located in an old restored brick and timber warehouse with original wood flooring and beautiful large windows.

Spyhouse Coffee, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Stone Arch Bridge

The Stone Arch Bridge is a former railroad bridge that crosses over the Mississippi River into Downtown Minneapolis. The bridge was built in the 1800’s and was to be used to connect the railway system to the new Union Depot. Now days, the bridge is just a pedestrian bridge and a popular place for bikers, runners, and walkers. As you can see, it’s one of the best places to catch a view of the city’s beautiful skyline.

Stone Arch Bridge, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Milkjam Creamery 

Milkjam is the place to take the ice cream lover in your life. With flavors like Turkish coffee toffee and milk and cereal it’s safe to say your taste buds will be smiling big time after leaving this place. This awesome mural is actually located right across the street from Milkjam. If you’re not familiar with Kelsey Montague and her #WhatLiftsYou campaign, head here to read all about it. Her murals can be found all over the world. I love her Nashville mural, but this one is coming in as a close second.

Milkjam Creamery, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Bogart’s Doughnut Co.

Bogart’s Doughnut Co. is truly a neat story. Owner Anne, was an attorney with a baking habit. In 2011, she opened up a doughnut stand at the local farmers market. After 3 seasons of her doughnuts being devoured, she took a leap of faith and opened up her first doughnut shop. I’ve sampled my fair share of doughnuts and Bogarts is right up there at the top. The picture below was taken at their Uptown location on 36th and Bryant.

Bogarts Doughnuts, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Betty Danger’s Country Club

Betty Danger’s is many things rolled into one. When Mackenzie said she wanted to go there I asked her what it was. She told me it was a bar/restaurant/mini golf course/ferris wheel. The look I gave her was so strange I’m sure, but we went to check it out anyway. Everything from the colorful outdoor walls to the inside decor, to the ferris wheel is a Instagram moment waiting to happen.

Betty Danger's Country Club, Minneapolis, Minnesota

I Like You Handmade Gifts from Minnesota 

I Like You is one of the cutest stores I’ve ever wandered into. It’s a quirky little shop that sells everything from t-shirts to dish ware. I loved so much of their stuff, especially their uniquely Minnesota stuff. I found myself wanting it all (except in Wisconsin form not Minnesota, of course). Trust me you’ll want to at least take a look around during your next trip to Minneapolis. There isn’t a sign per say outside of the building, but you’ll know you’re there when you find this wall. It’s pretty hard to miss.

I Like You, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Where’s your favorite place to snap a pic in Minneapolis?



I LOVE this post!! You have found some really great ‘instagramable’ places to shoot. I love all of these colourful walls!

Thanks Marcella! The things we do for the ‘gram! 🙂

Wow those murals are insane! I absolutely love them! And great jumping picture 🙂

Surprisingly that was only the second shot we took with the jumping pic. I thought for sure i’d need 4-5 shots to get it right, but i surprised myself. haha.

Awesome, awesome, awesome! Lately, I have been getting into photographing walls, murals and street art. As a consequence, you can imagine how much I like your post. I have to stop by Minneapolis for sure. BTW, I posted about Dallas’ street art this week. #wanderfulwednesday

I LOVED your post about the street art in Dallas, Ruth!

Wow, there are so many cool places in the city! I had no idea. I’d really like to go back now, the 20 minutes we spend in the station on the Amtrak was not long enough 😉

My favourite would be the doughnut shop (if they did gluten free) and I like the balloons mural too. And the music. Ok all of it.

lol. I’ve never been to the Amtrak station there, but i’m nearly positive the city is better than the station! 🙂

Dying of cute! These are such great locations, and now I need a donut! #WanderfulWednesday.

hahaha! agreed!! It is always time for a donut in my book!

I’ve only been to Minneapolis once and it was in the dead of winter, but this is making me want to go back for another visit in the fall! I had no idea that there were so many picture perfect places! I really like the I Like You wall!

how did you fare in the midwest winter?! I’m sure it was not pleasant, haha. definitely a cute city, and great craft beer scene, which is always a plus for me 🙂

You find THE best places to snap pictures! I love that balloon one. When I get sent to Chicago for work, I’ll be asking for your advice on all the things.

I have such a picture wired brain now! I’m always seeing things and imagining how I can take a fun picture of it, haha! Chicago is to me how Boston is to you!! Literally my favorite!! when are you coming?! soon?! spring?! if i’m in Wisconsin maybe I can meet you!!!!! all the ice cream!!! all the desserts!!!!!!!! so many exclamation points cause i’m so excited!!!!!!!!! haha 🙂

Still TBD but I will let you know! I don’t think it’s anytime soon since I’m still sort of ramping up. Hopefully it doesn’t fall during baseball season when you’re on the road! But I’m sure I’ll start traveling there more often once I’m fully trained since that’s where my sales team is!

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