8 reasons Wisconsin is Awesome

Even though I recently moved to Florida and I’ve started to learn a lot about living there, I still consider Wisconsin my home and “my state”.

Wisconsin is more or less a “fly over state”, but in my mind it’s pretty kick ass. let me tell you why…


Wisconsin has 3 professional sports teams. The Milwaukee Brewers, the Milwaukee Bucks, and of course the Green Bay Packers. Not only that, but we get our fix of college sports from the Wisconsin Badgers. Even if you’re not a huge sports fan having teams around you means there’s always a season in session and always something to do.

Four distinct seasons

In the name of honesty, I’m not going to lie to you and tell you “winter isn’t that bad”. That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Winter sucks. It’s cold, there’s tons of snow, and it’s dark by 4pm every day. BUT Wisconsin does have 4 distinct seasons. We get to experience every bit of every season, from the hot humid days of summer to cold and white christmases and everything in between.


In wisconsin we love cheese. We put cheese on everything…literally everything. In fact, we even have these amazing things called cheese curds, and basically it’s deep fried pillowy goodness of gooey cheese and it’s one of the best things in the world to eat and goes down really well with…..

Spotted Cow

Not actually a spotted cow (even though we have lots of those), but spotted cow the beer. Spotted cow is a beer made by New Glarus Brewing Company in New Glarus, Wisconsin. Spotted Cow is the go to beer for almost everyone in Wisconsin, and what makes it so special is that it’s only sold in Wisconsin! they could sell this beer around the entire country and making a killing, (in fact several times bars from other states including Minnesota and New York have tried to smuggle New Glarus beer into their states for sale and have been busted.) The brewery chooses not to do so and to keep their beer truly unique to Wisconsin

Two of the Great Lakes

Wisconsin borders two of the five Great Lakes, Lake Michigan and Lake Superior. There’s nothing quite like the salty air of the ocean, but T’m telling you the Great Lakes come pretty close. Lake Michigan is especially beautiful and littered with beautiful marinas all along Wisconsin’s coast. It even gets waves big enough in the summer to attract some suffers to it’s beaches.

Mid-western charm

I have traveled all over the country and I adore other parts of the country but one thing I can never deny is that people in the mid-west are just nice people. Mark my words mid-westerners are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. There’s even scientific studies to back it up!  We’re kind, polite, caring, as a general whole good hearted people.

Small town and big city rolled into one

Small towns and family farms is mostly what Wisconsin is made up of, but we also have 1 very large metropolitan city (Milwaukee) and another slightly large metropolitan area (Madison). In my mind it’s the perfect mixture. The Milwaukee metro area is about 1.5 million people, making it one of the country’s 30 largest cities, and the Madison metro area is around 600,000 people. The mixture of small town to big city is just enough to be satisfying but not enough to be overwhelming.

Great places to visit

Do you like water parks and amusement parks? Head to Wisconsin Dells. Do you like beautiful scenery, great food, and wineries? High tail it over to Door County. Like quaint little towns, water sports, more great scenery? Lake Geneva is your place to be. In each direction Wisconsin has a lot to offer anyone and everyone.

Location location location

Wisconsin is more or less smack dab in the middle of the country. That means traveling in either direction to other states is never that outrageously expensive or far away.

Wisconsin is one of those states that doesn't get enough credit for how awesome it is. After you read this post you'll be a believer!

I bet you didn’t even know how awesome Wisconsin really was until just now. You’re welcome 🙂


The distinct seasons are my favorite part about Ohio, too! I love fall and winter, in particular 🙂 I’ve been to Milwaukee once before and really enjoyed the city!

i’ve never stopped in ohio, but i’ve driven through and been to the airport in cleveland. the whole time i was there i was singing the Drew Carey “Cleveland rocks!” song in my head. and of course whenever i drive through Sandusky i always want watch Tommy Boy!

Love this! I’ve never been to Wisconsin, but I do love cheese so I guess I’ll have to visit sometime! I also love that you have four distinct seasons. I live in Mississippi and I’d be lying if I said we had all 4 season. Ha! I’m sure you are learning that in FL though!

living in FL has made me appreciate WI so much more! i never used to be a fan of fall because it just reminded me that winter was coming. haha. i’m not sure i’ll ever love winter, but at the same time it really is hard for me to picture christmas without snow.

LOVE this!! I grew up not too far from Lake Geneva and worked there over college summers. Great town!

Wisconsin summers are awesome no matter where you are but i can see how spending the whole summer in Lake Geneva would be amazing! especially for someone who’s college aged.

LOVE your new website layout Carrie! And your profile pic is gorgeous!

Thanks so much for linking up today! I said the same thing about midwesterners being so friendly today too! haha

I used to go to Wisconsin Dells and Lake Geneva all the time (being from Chicago) and i miss the seasons too living in California now so I’m looking forward to that when i move to Seattle next month!

i’ve never been to Seattle before but i’ve always heard such good things about it, so i’m really looking forward to your posts when you move there! thanks for hosting! 🙂

My fiance’s dad was born in Wisconsin, so Michael is a Packers fan and I am by extension. Every game it seems like I get more and more into it. We even dress up our dogs in Packers gear! Haha. One of my best friends lives in Madison, I met her studying abroad in Australia. She’s actually a bridesmaid in our wedding and I desperately need to get to Madison to visit her! I love smaller cities, where it’s still a city but it’s not as crazy! Also of course I LOVE cheese. When I go to Wisconsin I am going to eat ALL the cheese!

Thanks for linking up!

thanks for hosting! Madison is a great city! there’s some great restaurants and if you like beer some great local breweries. since you love cheese, if do end up visiting madison go to The Old Fashioned on the capitol square! they have THEE best cheese curds. 🙂

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