8 Things I Loved About Baltimore

Baltimore isn’t nicknamed Charm City for no reason. This east coast port city is bursting with charm in every direction. Everything from the landscape to the food, to the people will give you a glimpse into everything Baltimore has to offer. By the time I left the city, I was a huge fan and big believer in how awesome this city really is. Here’s 8 things I loved about Baltimore.


Miss Shirley’s Cafe

I have a huge weak spot for places that do breakfast and brunch right. Miss. Shirley’s is definitely one of those places. This place is no secret and no matter what time of the day you visit you’ll likely be waiting for a table. You’ll be glad you waited when you’re starring down a plate of these amazing cinnamon danish pancakes and washing it down with their famous bloody mary, The Spicy Shirley.


Fells Point

Fells Point is one of the most unique neighborhoods I’ve ever seen. It’s a national registered Historic District while also being the home to some of Baltimore’s great nightlife scene.

Fells Point is combination of residential and commercial buildings, with boutiques and antique stores  sprinkled throughout. Many of the buildings are beautiful brick colonial period buildings with amazing architecture and many of the roads are also brick, adding the neighborhoods quaint charm.

tip: if you are lucky enough to get a seat, don’t pass up the tiny but iconic Blue Moon Cafe.

Inner Harbor

Nothing is cooler than being in the middle of a city and being right on the shore line. Inner Harbor is located in the heart of downtown Baltimore. Here, you’ll find a huge variety of places to eat, shop, and explore, all while having an amazing view of the Chesapeake Bay. Some of Baltimore’s best museums      It’s here you’ll find many of Baltimore’s best museums, including the National Aquarium and the Maryland Science Center.


Oriole Park at Camden Yards

I’ve spent a lot of time around professional sports, so I like to think I have a high standard of sports stadiums. A lot ball parks that are located in the downtown of a city can feel cramped and lack space for parking. Camden Yards lies just a few blocks west of Inner Harbor, yet it seems like there is space for days. The park opened in 1992 so it’s still relatively new by baseball park standards. Even during a sold out game you won’t feel like you’re on top of everyone, (which is more than I can saw for Fenway).

tip: the Orioles are often referred to as “The O’s” in the baseball world. For this reason Baltimore fans will accentuate the “O” in every word. For example, as the national anthem is being sung, during the verse “O’re the land and of the free…” the entire stadium will erupt and yell “O!!” as loud as possible at the beginning of the word “O’re”. I was unaware of this and nearly jumped out of my seat in pure shock.


Bop Brick Oven Pizza

BOP stands for Brick Oven Pizza or Baltimore’s Outstanding Pizza, which is a pretty accurate name for how I felt about it. BOP has been featured on the hit Food Network show, “Diners, Drive-ins, and Drives” and is an institution in the Fells Point Neighborhood. Stick with the classic cheese or go wild with toppings like I did. Either way, your mouth will water.


The People

I’ve been to enough different cities in different parts of the world to know that each one has their own unique type of people. Baltimore is historically a working-class port town, so the people are real no-nonsense, give-it-to-you-like-it-is, people. I found them to be welcoming enough and I liked their somewhat dry sense of humor.

tip: Baltimore is home to Charm City Cakes, otherwise known as the store were the TLC show “Cake Boss” was filmed. I’ve heard the shop lives up to all the hype, but I’ve also heard there is usually a line out the door.


The crab cakes

Baltimore is the crab cake capitol of the world. I’m a crab cake lover in general, but they are on a whole other level in Baltimore. As with Chicago and pizza and Philadelphia and cheesesteaks it’s always open to debate as to what place has “the best” crab cakes in the city. I didn’t try enough during my time to weigh in on the debate, but some of these articles may be helpful:

Baltimore Crab Cakes: 10 Best

15 Restaurants with the Best Maryland Crab Cakes

It’s incredibly easy to get around

Baltimore is so easy to get around. It’s a big city, but the layout of the neighborhoods and attractions is so well laid out, you’re never really too far from anything. If you are in need of getting somewhere a little farther away (or just wanted to take a little ride around the city) hop on the popular Baltimore Water Taxi.

8 things I loved about Baltimore, Maryland.

Have you been to Baltimore? What did you enjoy most?


Oh fun you and Sarah got to hang out!! Yayyy I love when bloggers are friends IRL! Looks like such a fun time!

it was so much fun! sarah is one of my best friends in real life and we were brought together because of the blog world! such a great thing!

Never been, wanna go!! I NEED those pancakes.

those pancakes!! seriously i think they were like cinnamon bun pancakes so the stuff on top of them was like the icing on a cinnamon roll.. seriously DEVINE!!!

I’ve been to Baltimore once before but wasn’t in the best area! I always assumed the majority of Baltimore wasn’t the safest or most charming of places to be but it looks like I judged it too quickly 🙂

that was definitely my initial thought about baltimore as well. it has some really rough neighborhoods, but fells point is great and so is the inner harbor, or course it’s more expensive to live there, but safety is often worth the price i think.

I love Baltimore! Lived in MD my entire life and going to Baltimore always makes me happy – I’m heading there tomorrow night actually! Go O’s! (But boo Ravens – Skins fan born and raised 🙂 )

i saw your pic on insta at camden yards!! i hope you had fun! it’s a great place to watch a ball game!

my visit there was a couple of weeks ago but writing this post reminded me of what a good time it was! love it when that happens!! 🙂

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