Tips & Tricks for Surviving ANY Road Trip

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At this point in my life I’m not a master at many things, but I think I just may be a master road tripper. Seriously.

I road-tripped as a child quite often with my dad (Wisconsin to Idaho several times, Wisconsin to upstate New York, Wisconsin t0 California) and now with what my husband does for work and because we have two dogs, I road trip even more. Sometimes it’s Casey and I with the dogs tackling the trip. Other times, it’s just me and the dogs driving halfway across the country.

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Alright, lets get to it!

Get your car serviced before you leave

I have to give the credit for this one to my husband who is always prepared for literally everything. Check your car’s oil, wiper fluid, and the air in your tires before you leave. While there are definitely some other freak things that could happen on your road trip, problems with these three things can easily be prevented with a little preparation.

Take the time to pack your car efficiently

I was SO bad at this for so long. I would haphazardly just throw suitcases and bags into my car and shove them into any little nook and cranny they would fit into. It was easy at the time, but it always made unloading my car a complete nightmare! Taking the time to pack your car neatly and efficiently is 100% worth the extra little bit of time it takes.

Wear comfortable clothes

If I’m going to be sitting in a car for hours on end I’m going to be sitting in my most comfortable clothes. For me that means yoga pants or running shorts, a sports bra, a nice comfy tee, and sandals.

surviving a road trip

Arrange entertainment

The beginning of a road trip is pretty awesome. I’m excited about the adventure ahead. I’ve got the radio going and I’m singing along. Usually by hour 4 the novelty of the adventure has worn off and I’ve already heard every song on the radio at least 3 times. This is when the road trip starts to get a little brutal and you need to have some entertainment arranged to help pass the time and keep you from going insane.

Download an audio book or catch up on an awesome podcast. I love making a special road trip playlist that has some of my favorite old school songs. When I get sick of hearing the same songs over and over again on the radio, I can turn on my playlist and bump some 90’s pop I haven’t heard in forever.

Plan meal stops/gas stops around one another

My husband likes to say that the key to a good road trip is minimizing unnecessary stops (clearly he takes road trips very seriously). When you stop for lunch, fill up on gas even if your tank is only half empty. Same thing goes for using the bathroom. Even if you don’t have to go at the time, go anyways! It’ll save you from having to stop again in an hour or two when you need gas or suddenly need a bathroom break.

surviving a road trip

Pack a separate back with overnight essentials

If you’re making a multiple day trip and you’ll be stopping overnight at a hotel or a camping ground I recommend packing a separate bag with just your overnight essentials; things like contacts, sleeping clothes, toothbrush, and a change of clothes. This way you don’t have to completely dismember your awesome well-packed car for one night and then repack it all the next morning.

If traveling with pets, keep leashes and bowls easily accessible

I remember one of my first big road trips. I had packed all of Gatsby’s things nicely in a bag, and was so proud of the fact I remembered everything (he’s low-key high maintenance and travels with a ton of stuff). Then we made our first stop of the trip, and I realized I packed his water bowl and leash literally waaaaay in the bottom of my car *insert the face palm emoji*. Ever since then I’ve been really good and making sure I keep his water bowls and leash at a close reach.

Be safe

Safety should always be your number one priority during any road trip. Always buckle up when you’re in the car, avoid scrolling through your phone or texting and driving. If you run into bad weather, or if you’re tired or distracted, pull over. Not only are you putting yourself in danger, you’re putting someone else in danger.

Pack snacks/beverages

Ya’ll, I have to admit, I love road trip snacks! I make it a point to pack some of my own snacks before I even leave the house. I always pack several bottles of water, and then I usually like to have something bubbly, something salty, and something sweet! When road trip munchies hit I am prepared for every craving I could possibly have. Some of my favorites recently have been:

  • Sour Patch Kids: Casey and I will buy the 1.9 lb. bag and put it between us on the console during the ride. The bag is resealable and perfect for road trips! Find it at Walmart in the candy  aisle.
  • RITZ Crisp&Thins: Oh my goodness. These little guys are so good! Salt and Vinegar chips are my weakness and these guys are basically a lighter baked version of them. I’ll demolish a bag of these during my road trips. Find it at Walmart in the chips and crackers aisle.
  • 7UP®: I don’t drink a lot of soda on a regular basis. That being said, I have to admit: I love carbonated drinks! I’ll literally find myself craving the bubbles more so than the actual beverage. This is why I love the 7UP® 8 pack 12 oz bottles. It satisfies my craving perfectly, and when it comes to road trips anything with a resealable lid is my friend (because clumsy and because dogs). Find it at Walmart in the soda aisle.

surviving a road trip

surviving a road trip

surviving a road trip

surviving a road trip

surviving a road trip

surviving a road trip

surviving a road trip

now tell me… 

Are you planning a fun summer road trip?

If you are:

  1. shoot me a tweet or tell me in the comments where you’re headed! I’d love to hear about it!
  2. don’t forget to enter the Summer Road Trip Sweeps! remember: delicious snacks, easy to enter and you could win over $3,400 worth of gift card prize packs!

surviving a road trip

Happy travels friends!


LOVE YOUR BLOG! I came across it through Pinterest and I’m actually in the process of creating my own blog. I am taking a trip in 2 weeks to Nevada and Arizona to see the canyons! We’re going to be doing a lot of driving & your road trip tips are great!

also have a plan B if all your devices will discharge.

I love a good road trip! We always create a play list and have a few podcasts ready to go!

I have just started getting into podcasts! i don’t know what took me so long, but I’m loving them!!

I love road trips, too! Last summer, we traveled from Florida to Maine and it was awesome. Thanks for these great trips for a successful road trip. #client

wow! that’s a heck of a roadtrip!! haha.

Having in car entertainment is so key! Chris and I have started listening to books together and it’s so awesome!

I completely agree! i am so glad I finally came around to audio books!

We’re heading south next week to Ocracoke and on to Emerald Isle. I am contemplating snacks now. LOL

I loved your pics from this trip!

Love this! I just moved from Philadelphia to Oregon and the drive took me 5 days! I actually just wrote a similar post on my updated blog 🙂

I downloaded a few audiobooks and it was SO worth it. I was terrified that they would bore me and I would get sleepy, but I got one suspenseful book which kept me interested, and then Amy Schumer’s memoir kept me laughing. By day 4-5 I was sick of living out of my car, but all of these tips helped get me to my final destination 🙂

I didn’t know you had a new blog! I’ll definitely check it out!

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