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12 Touristy Things to do in New Orleans

I love a city with personality. I want the people, the food, and the buildings to be unique and like nothing I can find anywhere else. That is 100% what New Orleans, Louisiana is like. Now that I’ve visited this city, I’m a little sad it took me 24 years to do so. The good news is my trip to New Orleans was awesome, and I fit a lot of awesome activities into one long weekend. Learn from my mistake and make time to visit this city, you won’t regret it! I can’t wait to share with you my 12 best touristy things to do in New Orleans, Louisiana.

12 Touristy Things to do in New Orleans

Eat Beignets

Beignets. Oh. My. Goodness. How do I even begin to describe how amazing the deep-fried, pillowy goodness that is Beignets. I knew they were iconic to New Orleans, but I didn’t realize how amazing they were until I finally tasted them and learned for myself. The most well-known place to get Beignets is in the French Market at Cafe Du Monde. This place is open 24 hours a day, and there is always (I mean always) a line! There are some equally wonderful places to get some authentic beignets. Check out the post below to find out about my favorite place to get Beignets!

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Touristy things to do in New Orleans

Visit Jackson Square

Today, Jackson Square is known for the beautiful St. Louis Cathedral and the large bronze statue of former US President, Andrew Jackson. In 1803, the Square was known as the location where Louisiana was officially made a US territory via the Louisiana Purchase. For this reason, Jackson Square is known as the historical center of the city, and plays a huge roll in the history of New Orleans. The square is approximately the size of a city block and is surrounded by a mixture of commercial and residential properties. The Square is also home to an open-air artist colony, where artists can display their work on the outside of the iron fence in hopes of selling it.

Touristy things to do in New Orleans

Barhop on Bourbon Street

Bourbon street is like no other street in America I’ve ever seen. It closely resembles Bangkok’s famous Khao San Road. Like most highly touristy destinations, Bourbon Street can be crowded, dirty, and extremely overwhelming, and that’s just during the day time! Make a visit at night and add in massive amounts of alcohol and everything is elevated even more. During the day, Bourbon is a fully functioning street open to cars and all traffic. By night, the street is closed-off to all motorized traffic and is a huge walk way for party-goers.

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Touristy things to do in New Orleans

City Park

City Park is a huge public park in the middle of New Orleans. Just how huge is it? It spans 1,300 acres (50% larger than New York City’s famous Central Park). The park was found in 1854, making it one of the country’s oldest public parks. It contains a slew of amenities including a small amusement park, the New Orleans Botanical Garden, the New Orleans Museum of Art, an 18-hole golf course, horse stables, and the world’s largest collection of mature live oak trees, some older than 600 years in age.

Touristy things to do in New Orleans

Discover the French Quarter

The French Quarter is oldest neighborhood in all of New Orleans. It contains all of the best parts part of the city. You can find stunning historical architecture, amazing food, live music at all hours of the day, art galleries and museums all nestled throughout the French Quarter. This area was one of my favorite parts of the entire city. Read more about my experience in the post below!

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Touristy things to do in New Orleans

Market Hop

There are markets all over New Orleans, but the two most popular are the St. Roch Market and the French Market. The St. Roch Market is a food lover’s paradise. This southern food hall features some amazing food, shopping, and a craft cocktail bar. The French Market is an open-air market featuring 6 blocks of food, shopping, and everything in between.

Take a Cemetery Tour

I’ll be the first to admit, the idea of a cemetery tour seemed really weird to me at first. After learning about the important historical role the cemeteries play in the city I was totally turned into a believer of cemeteries as a tourist attraction.

The city of New Orleans actually sits below sea level. Because of this, it’s prone to major flooding and hurricanes (Katrina, remember?). Tombs in New Orleans are built above ground so that when flooding occurs the deceased do not rise to the top of the soil. There are tons of cemeteries in New Orleans, but the most well-known are St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, and Lafayette Cemetery No. 1. I visited and took a tour of the latter. Check out the post below to hear about how to get a tour for only $5!

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Touristy things to do in New Orleans

Visit a Southern Plantation

One hour west of New Orleans lies one of the most magical areas of the South. Stunning plantations featuring beautiful antebellum homes and hundred year old live oak trees. These plantations are not only gorgeous, they’re a huge part of our nation’s history. There are plenty of plantations to tour, but one of the famous and most well-known is the Oak Alley Plantation. The driveway of this beautiful three story home is lined with Live Oak trees perfectly framing the huge front porch being held up by large white columns. If you’re thinking this looks like it’s straight out of a movie, you’d be correct! This plantation has been featured in many films.

Touristy things to do in New OrleansVIA

Stroll through the Garden District

The Garden District is one of my favorite neighborhood’s in all of the US. Known for its gorgeous Victorian style homes with large porches and stunning architecture, the Garden District is New Orleans at its best. One of my favorite things about this neighborhood is the beautiful Magnolia trees that line each street. The neighborhood has become very popular over time, and is home to many celebrities including Sandra Bullock, Nicholas Cage, and Brad Pitt. It has also been used as the back drop for many Hollywood blockbuster movies like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Interview with the Vampire.

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Touristy things to do in New Orleans

Take a Swamp Tour

South Florida is typically the area that is most well-known for swampy waters and spotting huge alligators, BUT in 2010 the History Channel premiered a reality TV show called Swamp People. The show features the day-to-day activities of Louisiana natives living in the swampy areas of the state who hunt American alligators for a living. Suddenly tourists visiting New Orleans were making time to get out of the city and visit the Louisiana bayou. If spotting big alligators in their natural habitat is high on your list, book a swamp tour!

Eat Po’Boys

These tasty sandwiches seem so simple, but man oh man are they something special. Po’boy’s are known and served around the country, but they originated in the south during the great depression. They typically contain meat of some sort (usually roast beef or fried shrimp), and are topped with lettuce, tomato, pickles and mayo. You can get Po’boys all over the city, but Parkway Bakery and Tavern is known as being thee place to go for the real deal.

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Touristy things to do in New Orleans

Listen to Live Jazz on Frenchman Street

If you get sick of all the crowds and the drunk people on Bourbon Street head to Frenchman Street. It’s best known for a three block section which is home to some of the best live-music venues in the entire city. Frenchman is known as the classier more laid back version of Bourbon Street. If taking in a dinner show isn’t something your up for you can still listen to some awesome jazz by just walking up and down the street. There are groups that set up shop in the street and on the sidewalks playing music for hours. They get bystanders dancing and have everyone clapping along with the music. It’s quite the sight.

New Orleans, Louisiana is bursting with charm, awesome music, and delicious food. There is something for everyone in this city! Here's the top 12 touristy things you need to do on your visit to New Orleans!

What’s your favorite touristy thing to do in NOLA?


We honeymooned there some time back. Some other wonderful things to do include taking a steamboat ride up the river, trolley out to the zoo, but up some of the great jazz clubs, and, by all means, take advantage of the mom and pop eateries around the French Quarter and surrounding. Some of our best meals were among those found in quaint hidden spots in little alleys and courtyards you’d miss if you weren’t paying attention; same with shop owners.

New Orleans is definitely on my bucket list. It seems like such a unique city with so much history… and beignets. I’ve had them in Chicago and love them. I’d love to eat them in the place where they originated.

I would love to go on a cemetry tour. Yep that sounded creepy 😀 Overground tombs aren’t really a thing in Europe but I find them so stylish!

Lovely guide. I’d never even heard of Beignets before but they sound yummy. Also love your pictures, they are beautiful!

I am in love with the city just by looking at your photos. There is so much to see and eat. Especially to eat! #wanderfulwednesday

Bryna | Dotted Line Travels

I have heard great things about po boys and beignets. I’ve always wanted to go to New Orleans for the food!

This post couldn’t have come at a more perfect time! We are trying to plan a trip to NOLA for April and have never been before. This is a great list for places to start! Beignets were of course on the list, but other than that we are going in with only the images of beads and floats in our heads. That plantation looks stunning and I would be all about an old cemetery tour. The history you can find in them baffles me sometimes!

I loved strolling the French Quarter and Garden District, the musicians and artists in Jackson Square, shopping the French Market, and THE FOOD. All of it. I hated Bourbon Street.

Just sent these to the maid of honor on the Bach trip!! Woo!

Yes to the beignets and the park! However, I’m a little uneasy on the ethics/morality of visiting a plantation… appears to be glamorizing something that was a huge piece of the worst (arguably) thing we did as a country.

I couldn’t agree with you more about all of these things to do in New Orleans! Even though they’re touristy, they’re things that you have to do when you visit! We still haven’t done a swamp tour, but I guess that means that we need to go back!

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