My Favorite Trendy Phoenix Coffee Shops

I took my coffee shop obsession to the next level this Spring Training.

This was our first spring training in Arizona. All of our other spring trainings we were in Florida, and although we’ve lived in the Phoenix area before, I had a renewed sense of exploration. This definitely manifested itself in my coffee shop adventurers (and my desire to climb every mountain I could find).

When it comes to my coffee house beverage of choice, I order the exact same thing every time no matter where I go – an iced almond milk latte. I’ll just say this: Phoenix is home to some very high quality coffee. I loved having a laundry list of new coffee shops to explore, and I was never disappointed in the quality.

Now, lets get to the caffeine!

My Favorite Trendy Phoenix Coffee Shops

The Teapot

This place is absolutely adorable. I could not get enough of the cute and crisp vibe of this little shop. The real draw of this place is that it is very very kid friendly. There is a corner inside that houses puzzles, books, and other little games for kids, and there is an entire fenced in backyard area that is full of picnic tables and a large jungle gym play equipment. I worked here for a few hours and I was probably the only person there who was kidless. If I was a Real Housewife of Phoenix this place would be my go to spot to meet with girlfriends and catch up while entertaining my kids. The Best Coffee Shops in Phoenix

The Henry

I actually stumbled upon The Henry when I was across the street getting lunch at a super cute cafe called Flower Child. After ordering my salad, I asked the girl at the register where the best place to get a cup of coffee around here was. She immediately pointed across the street to The Henry.

I was a bit confused because I knew the The Henry as a super popular restaurant. What I didn’t know is that it has thee most adorable coffee shop attached to it as well. This place has a lot of different areas to sit, including small round tables and even large long narrow tables. This is the perfect place to meet a group of people for a work meeting, or for studying. I saw an equal amount of students to young professionals, so it attracts both crowds – something you don’t always see! The Best Phoenix Coffee Shops

Cartel Coffee Lab

I first stumbled upon Cartel Coffee Lab a few years ago when we lived in Arizona for 8 weeks while Casey was playing in the Fall League. His home stadium was Sloan Park, so I got very familiar with the shopping and food in the Tempe area. Cartel has 4 different locations in the Phoenix, Tempe, and Scottsdale area, and even has two locations in Tucson. Safe to say people like the product they’re making.

ASU is right down the way from the Cartel Tempe location so most of the patrons were (hipster type) college kids. This didn’t bother me much at the time (I mean that was like 3 years ago – I wasn’t that far off from that stage myself), but the college kid coffee house crowd isn’t always for everyone. That being said, they make some dannnng good coffee.

Songbird Coffee & Tea

Ya’ll I have to admit: when it comes to coffee shops, the actual coffee probably ranks second to the coffee shop “vibe”. Eight times out of ten I’m going to a coffee shop because I need to get out of the house and surround myself with a good “working vibe” in order to get some stuff done on my computer.

The coffee at Songbird was great, but the vibe was absolute perfection in my eyes. The vintage coach with the exposed duct work, hanging greenery and bright natural light – my heart pitter patters just looking at this picture again. I could have stayed cozied up here literally all day long. The Best Phoenix Coffee Shops

Lola Coffee

Another adorable little spot. I love when coffee shops have a variety of seating and reading materials available. This place has tables, a cozy couch, and a wall counter. More so than that, they have fresh copies of the local newspapers available for reading. Yes, that’s right – a real physical version of the newspaper. What can I say, I’m an old fashioned girl at heart.

I have to admit, the inside of Lola is a tight squeeze and can get loud during peak hours. I sat inside (because I needed an outlet), but once I was done with my work I high tailed it outside to their little courtyard and much preferred hanging out there. Regardless, this place is a great little coffee shop! The Best Phoenix Coffee Shops

 Be Coffee + Food + Stuff

This place has a cute, clean style to it. Perhaps it’s best feature of all is that it’s located right in the heart of the Roosevelt Row Arts District. If you’re not familiar, Phoenix has amazing urban art all over the city. Head to this post for my mural tour of the city! It also happens to be neighbors to thee cutest little plant shop called The Bosque. Plants? Coffee? Mural art? Seriously, throw in beer and dogs and I literally have everything I could ever need in life.

There were still a few shops I didn’t make it to during Spring Training, but I’ve heard good things about all of the following:

Fillmore Coffee Co.

Giant Coffee

Royal Coffee Bar

Press Coffee Roasters

 Any other trendy Phoenix coffee shops I should add to the list?

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