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Best Looks of the Night: 2019 Oscars Videos You guys. I had so many difficulties getting this video filmed, then edited, then posted. arrrgg! I debated even posting it because it's so late, but you know what, I took the time to get it all... WATCH THE VIDEO Best Looks of the Night: 2019 SAG Awards Videos Award season continues! This time with the 2019 SAG Awards! If I'm being honest, this carpet really disappointed me compared to the other awards shows of the season. The Globes and the Critic... WATCH THE VIDEO Best Looks of the Night: 2019 Critics Choice Awards Videos The fashion continues! This week we're recapping the blue carpet at the Critics Choice Awards! Much like last weeks recap of the Golden Globes, this carpet was so so good! Of course there were a... WATCH THE VIDEO Best Looks of the Night: 2019 Golden Globes Videos Welcome to awards season 2019! This Red Carpet was absolute FIRE! I was so impressed and there were so many looks that I love love loved. Check out the video below for my full recap on all the fas... WATCH THE VIDEO 5 Journals I Use for MASSIVE Success Videos Physically writing things down has been a huge game changer for me. I've tried keeping things in my phone, using digital platforms, google docs, all of it. Nothing keeps me organized, motivated, fo... WATCH THE VIDEO End of the Year DIGITAL DETOX Videos Last year I did a huge end of the year digital detox. It was the most amazing feeling in the world, and I vowed to do it every year moving forward. In this video I'm sharing my digital detox ... WATCH THE VIDEO Best Looks of the Night: 2018 People’s Choice Awards Videos It's the most wonderful time of the year! Awards Show Season! You guys know how much I love fashion (specifically Red Carpet fashion), and Awards Season is like "Prime Time" for Red Carpet fashi... WATCH THE VIDEO New Make-Up Loves & Hates Videos Happy Election Day friends! I trust you've already cast your vote OR are on your way to do so tonight. YAY democracy! Now, lets talk about make-up! I've really been trying to branch out in th... WATCH THE VIDEO October 2018 | Favorites & Fails Videos You guys, how is it almost November?! The older I get the more the years go by so. freaking. fast. I have continued to have such a fun time curating my YouTube channel! My very first video that ... WATCH THE VIDEO Best Looks of the Night: 2018 AMAs Videos Today's best looks of the night post is not like all my other ones. In fact it is completely different! Yesterday I published to my YouTube channel my very first video version of Best and Worst Dre... WATCH THE VIDEO