Getting to Know Vientiane, Laos

Before I traveled to Southeast Asia, I would not have even know Laos was the name of a country. Because it’s located near some other extremely popular tourist spots Lao has a tendency to be overlooked and forgotten about.

The boarder between Thailand and Lao boarder is separated by the Mekong River and connected by a bridge called “The Friendship Bridge”. The bridge symbolizes the continued commitment to friendship between the two countries.

We crossed the Lao boarder into the capitol city of Vientiane, which is by far the most developed city Lao with a population just under 210,000 people.

Once you get into rural Lao, cars are hard to come by, but Vientiane is the “big city” by Lao standards so the streets are littered with them. Nearly every car has this sticker on it some where. usually located in the front window.

Lao National Cultural Hall, which plays host to the country’s cultural events, ranging from Lao classical dance to beauty pageants.

Vientiane is pretty developed by Southeast Asian standards. Coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, and paved roads are all standard in the city. We had no problem finding a clean and comfortable place to stay, get food, or find a cab.

Lao has had its fair share of government and developmental hiccups as a nation. In the early 1960’s  through the 70’s the Laotian Civil War ragged, separating the country. In 1975, Vientiane was finally liberated and was able to rebuild itself in to what it is now.

The building above is the Lao equivalent to the US White House. Although Vientiane is developing nicely the rest of Lao isn’t quite at the same level. However, I will say that in Vientiane I saw the potential that the rest of the country has within itself to reach one day.

Vientiane is the capitol city of the country of Laos, and is surprisingly modern and very ahead of the rest of the country. Find out why!

Have you ever visited a city in a Third World country that was so far ahead of the rest of the country?


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