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WordPress Plugins I Can’t Live Without

Let’s talk plugins!

Those little guys that make life in wordpress land soooo much more manageable. I’ve been with wordpress ever since I started blogging, so I can’t speak for all my Blogger friends out there, but one of the things I’ve heard people like so much about wordpress is the ability to have plugins. I’m no blogging guru, but I wanted to share the plugins that make my life (and my site) so much easier to manage.

10 WordPress Plugins I Can’t Live Without 

Yoast SEO

SEO is like a dirty word in the blog world. It’s something that mystifies us all. That’s why Yoast SEO is a Godsend. This little plugin idiot proofs the complicated process that is SEO. It literally walks you through, with detailed explanation, how to make your post as SEO friendly as possible. When the little light is red your post sucks SEO wise. When it’s yellow it’s ok SEO wise, and when it’s green you’ve hit the SEO jackpot! Woot woot!

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO


The spam struggle is so real. Before I had Akismet, I was getting hundreds of spam comments a day. I had to go through and delete them all individually and it was such a headache. Akismet takes care of all of the icky spam for me. Every once in a while, I’ll get a spam comment that sneaks through. But instead of getting hundreds a day I’ll get maybe 2 per month, which is definitely something I can live with.

Content Views

Guys, this plugin was a game changer for me. I am so in love with it and I tell anyone who will listen how much I love it. For me, blog reading is all about accessibility. If a blog has great content but it’s obnoxious and a headache to click around and find things, I’m more than likely going to leave; no matter how amazing the content is. Content Views makes everything so neat and tidy looking. The best part is that it is super simple to use.

Instead of clicking on one of my topics and finding a long half page snippet of the article, Content Views lets me arrange all of my posts in a grid like format, displaying the title and the featured picture of the post.

Content Views plugin

Jetpack by

Jetpack is a neat little default plugin that each self-hosted site comes with automatically. Basically it lets you still have access to some of the great things offers once you transition over to self-hosted For example, I had hundreds of subscribers that followed my blog via their readers. When I transitioned to, I was afraid I might loose those followers. Jetpack makes it super easy to transfer all my followers to my new and improved self-hosted site.

Genesis Enews Extended

If you use something like Mailchimp or Mail Munch for your email list or newsletter, Genesis Enews Extended is perfect for you. This plug-in lets me integrate my sign-up form into my blog, but lets it match completely to my theme. No settling for those ugly basic sign-up forms available through Mailchimp!

Genesis Enews Extended

Genesis Responsive slider

On my home page I have a slider of 6 pictures that rotates through. I love the variety it gives. Genesis Responsive Slider is what I use for that slider. Once again, it’s super easy to use, and it gives my blog that extra feel of extravagance.

Disqus Comment System

Before I had Disqus I had the wordpress basic commenting system, which was so blahh. Not only that, but the responses I typing back to comments wasn’t always getting delivered to the commenter. They would have to check back at the blog post just to see the answer to their comment, ick! Upgrading to Disqus was such a good idea and I’m so glad I did it. Now all of my commenters get notifications when I respond. Yay!

Disqus Comment System

WP Smush

This little plugin doesn’t do anything for the looks of my blog, but it is working its butt off behind the scenes! Slow-loading sites are the worst. Ain’t no body got time for dat! WP Smush takes all my photos and smushes the file size waaay down, which in turn makes my site’s load time much faster.

Sumo Me

The best way to get your posts seen is to make it super easy to share! Enter Sumo Me. My Sumo Me hangs out on every page of my blog on the left hand side of my page. It makes it easy to share posts on several different platforms, and you can customize the social media sites you want make available to share on.


GA Google Analytics 

I can’t have a post about blogging without mentioning analytics can I? Definitely not. If you want to do anything at all with your blog in terms of sponsored posts or money-making you need to have Google Analytics set up to track your traffic. I’ll admit, I put off installing Google Analytics sooo long because I was so afraid of having to put that little bit of code into my site. Then through the blogger grapevine I heard about the GA Google Analytics plug-in that basically makes the whole process super easy, and the best part is you don’t have to mess with any scary code!


Fellow wordpress users: What are your favorite plugins?


Disqus is by far my favorite. I’m so much more likely to comment on people’s posts if they have it because I know I will see their responses without having to check back or subscribe to the whole post.

EXACTLY! I couldn’t agree with you more, Courtney!

I definitely need to look into Smush Me. I’ve contemplated switching over to Disqus but I haven’t yet. I don’t know what’s stopping me and I’ll probably do it eventually.

i’ve really love disqus! I put it off for a while too and was leery, but I’m glad i finally made the switch.

Alright I NEED WP Smush on my site – I think I had a trial with one called Kraken or something but you have to pay for the full version and I am not about that. So after the trial lapsed I just uploaded my old giant files… Not good.

As for Disqus (thanks for using my comment as your screen shot by the way! Yay!) I used to use it, but got annoyed at the lack of flexibility when I migrated over from Blogger and it lost a bunch of my comments. Turns out there’s no support – it’s just a forum of other users you can ask questions of, no actual Disqus employees – so I was totally unable to get back my lost comments. So I’m on WordPress native comments now, however I worry, like you, that nobody ever sees my replies. So I think I’m going to start replying to comments via email. Not sure how I feel about that but I’m in a bit of a corner!

I was leery about disqus too! I don’t mind when blogger platform users reply by email. I just like to see a response, no matter where it is. 🙂

Great list! I use some of the same ones (Yoast SEO and Akismet) and learned about some new ones too. Smush Me sounds awesome – I currently use jpeg mini to shrink my pics individually before loading them onto my site. This could save me so much time – thank you!

Smush shrinks my pictures automatically every time I load one, which is super nice because if it were up to me to do it manually every time I would definitely forget to do it! haha.

Great list! I was always wondering what plugin the sidebar social media items was! Thanks 🙂

you betchya, Camila! It’s super simple to use, you’ll love it 🙂

PS- i’ve never told you this, but your name is so beautiful!!

I don’t know what I’d do without Yoast SEO! I feel like I still don’t understand everything with SEO, but this definitely helps out. I also love the Disqus comment system! It just makes life so much easier, so I can make sure that I’m not missing out on responding to people’s comments. I need to try that Smush Plugin! I feel like I’ve been having slow load times on my blog!

Praise the Lord for plugins! I’ve never been on blogger so I don’t know what life is like without plugins. I’m not sure how they do it!

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