Ballpark Diaries: Yankee Stadium

As you might know, I was born and raised a New York Yankees fan. As a little girl, one of my dreams was being able to go to a Yankee game at Yankee Stadium in The Bronx, New York.

The original Yankee Stadium was built in 1923 and served as the Yankees home stadium until for 85 years. The stadium was home to many legendary Yankee players including Micky Mantle, Roger Maris, and Babe Ruth. In fact, the stadium’s nickname, “The House That Ruth Built”, came from the legendary Ruth who’s prime years coincided with the stadium’s opening.

I am so happy to say I got a chance to make it to a game at the original Yankee Stadium before 2008, when they built a brand new Yankee Stadium (right across the street) from the old Yankee Stadium.

Before it was tore down, the original Yankee Stadium was the third oldest stadium in the entire MLB, only the Chicago Cubs Wrigley Field and the Boston Red Sox Fenway Park were older.

While it was sad to see such a historic place demolished, it was definitely time for an upgrade. One of my favorite thing about the new Yankee Stadium is that it actually looks incredibly similar to the old Yankee Stadium on the inside, just much larger and more spacious.

If you go

  • Yankee Stadium is located in The Bronx, New York: One E 161st, Bronx, New York 10451
  • the best way to get to Yankee Stadium is mass transit. I recommend taking the subway. The number 4 Train and the D Train both make stops at the 161 St./Yankee Stadium subway station. The B Train will also make a stop there, but only on the weekdays.
  • Tickets at Yankee Stadium can range anywhere from $15 bleacher seats, all the way up to $300 field level club seats.
  • If you have time and are interested I would recommend taking the stadium tour. You can purchase tickets for a tour online for $20, or at the window for $25.
  • Everything in New York City is expensive; food and drink at Yankee Stadium are no exception. Except to pay an unreal amount for a beer and a hot dog. It’s part of the experience, just go with it.
  • For more info on The Yankees or the stadium head over here

Historic Yankee Stadium is a must visit during a trip to New York City. Read this post to find out why!

Have you ever been to Yankee Stadium?

What’s your favorite MLB team?


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how am i just finding your blog? i love it! and hell yes to yankee pride! (let’s not talk about it…)

looking forward to reading more! x

awww!! why thank you so much for saying so! and yes please come back!! 🙂

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